Sara Haghayegh

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Ligase IV syndrome is a rare differential diagnosis for Nijmegen breakage syndrome owing to a shared predisposition to lympho-reticular malignancies, significant microcephaly, and radiation hypersensitivity. Only 16 cases with mutations in LIG4 have been described to date with phenotypes varying from malignancy in developmentally normal individuals, to(More)
Surgical biopsies from ten head and neck squamous cell carcinomas were labeled in vitro with bromodeoxyuridine. In histological sections, bromodeoxyuridine-positive nuclei and beta-fibroblast growth factor (beta-FGF) were stained using immunohistochemistry. In clearly discernible clusters of tumor cells, the cytoplasm shows strong positive beta-FGF(More)
We studied 10 Mennonite patients who carry the c.6200C>A missense mutation (p.A2067D) in the ATM gene, all of whom exhibited a phenotypic variant of ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) that is characterized by early-onset dystonia and late-onset mild ataxia, as previously described. This report provides the pathogenetic evidence for this mutation on cellular(More)
The study of rare human syndromes characterized by radiosensitivity has been instrumental in identifying novel proteins and pathways involved in DNA damage responses to ionizing radiation. In the present study, a mutation in mitochondrial poly-A-polymerase (MTPAP), not previously recognized for its role in the DNA damage response, was identified by exome(More)
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