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It is a long-held belief in evolutionary biology that the rate of molecular evolution for a given DNA sequence is inversely related to the level of functional constraint. This belief holds true for the protein-coding homeotic (Hox) genes originally discovered in Drosophila melanogaster. Expression of the Hox genes in Drosophila embryos is essential for body(More)
The EcoRaft Project, an interactive installation designed to help children learn about restoration ecology, allows participants to engage physically with animated agents via a natural and intuitive interface. This physical engagement occurs when the agents transfer seamlessly from stationary computers to mobile devices, on which the agents are realized as(More)
1 ISLANDS AND RAFTS This project presents a novel interaction paradigm in which computer screens serve as islands of virtual space ("iLands"). Mobile "virtual rafts" let people move animated agents between iLands (see Figure 1). The project features innovations in heterogeneous computer graphics, tangible human-computer interaction, interactive animated(More)
Drosophila melanogaster is a powerful model system for the study of gene regulation due to its short generation time, high fertility and the availability of various genetic tools to manipulate the genome. Investigation into the regulation of homeotic genes and their role in embryonic patterning during development was pioneered in Drosophila. Recently, the(More)
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