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The relationship between health literacy and knowledge improvement after a multimedia type 2 diabetes education program.
OBJECTIVE Multimedia diabetes education programs (MDEP) have the potential to improve communication and education of those with low health literacy. We examined the effect of a MDEP targeted toExpand
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A Community and Culture-Centered Approach to Developing Effective Cardiovascular Health Messages
ObjectiveLittle is known about how best to target cardiovascular health promotion messages to minorities. This study describes key lessons that emerged from a community and culture-centered approachExpand
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Protect Your Heart: A Culture-Specific Multimedia Cardiovascular Health Education Program
South Asians, the second fastest growing racial/ethnic minority in the United States, have high rates of coronary heart disease. Few coronary heart disease prevention efforts target this population.Expand
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Genetic modification technology for nutrition and improving diets: an ethical perspective.
Genetically modified (GM) techniques to improve the nutrition and health content of foods is a highly debated area riddled with ethical dilemmas. Assessing GM technology with a public health ethicalExpand
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The interface between consumers and their food environment in Myanmar: an exploratory mixed-methods study
Objective To examine consumers’ perceptions of their food environments, their food consumption patterns and preferences, and to better understand the attributes of foods that are available withinExpand
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Atmospheric propagation properties of various laser systems
Atmospheric propagation properties of various laser systems, including diode pumped alkali lasers (DPALs) and the Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL), are of importance. However, there appears to beExpand
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Abstract B13: Development of a low-cost method for collecting fecal samples in clinical trials
Although immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have shown promise in treating various cancers, fewer than half of patients with most tumor types experience a durable response. Thus, there is a need forExpand
Ethical and Sociocultural Considerations of Biofortified Crops: Ensuring Value and Sustainability for Public Health
Abstract This chapter highlights ethical considerations related to biofortified crops and provides insights on how planned and implemented biofortification interventions can take into accountExpand
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The Effect of Religion on Trait Priority in Potential Partners in Short and Long Term Relationships
This study builds upon previous research that demonstrates how various demographic characteristics, as well as relationship type, affects trait preferences for potential mate partners. This studyExpand