Sara Ghazi-Tabatabai

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The AAA+ ATPases are essential for various activities such as membrane trafficking, organelle biogenesis, DNA replication, intracellular locomotion, cytoskeletal remodelling, protein folding and proteolysis. The AAA ATPase Vps4, which is central to endosomal traffic to lysosomes, retroviral budding and cytokinesis, dissociates ESCRT complexes (the endosomal(More)
The ESCRT machinery mediates sorting of ubiquitinated transmembrane proteins to lysosomes via multivesicular bodies (MVBs) and also has roles in cytokinesis and viral budding. The ESCRT-III subunits are metastable monomers that transiently assemble on membranes. However, the nature of these assemblies is unknown. Among the core yeast ESCRT-III subunits,(More)
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