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To study the relationships between amniotic fluid and maternal blood nutrient concentrations, we obtained amniotic fluid and blood samples simultaneously from 76 pregnant women at around 17 weeks gestation. Folate and vitamin B-12 levels were measured by microbiological assay and radioassay, respectively, and zinc, copper and iron levels by atomic(More)
Providing evidence for the universal tendencies of patterns in the world's languages can be difficult, as it is impossible to sample all possible languages, and linguistic samples are subject to interpretation. However, experimental techniques such as artificial grammar learning paradigms make it possible to uncover the psychological reality of claimed(More)
Medical records of 118 newborn infants with Down's syndrome were reviewed to document the types of congenital heart disease (CHD) in those having echocardiography. Of 102 infants having echocardiography, 49 (48%) had heart defects; 47 of these had trisomy 21 and 2 had unbalanced translocation karyotypes. Of the 53 (52%) who did not have heart defects, all(More)
We analyzed nutrient levels in amniotic fluid obtained during the second trimester of normal, uncomplicated pregnancies from 221 women who delivered apparently healthy infants and from 8 with neural tube defect (NTD) pregnancies. Folate was measured by microbiological assay, vitamin B12 by a radiobinding method, and zinc, copper and iron by atomic(More)