Sara Figueiredo

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This study is aimed at demonstrating the in vivo potential of Gd(III)-loaded glucan particles (Gd-GPs) as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-positive agents for labeling and tracking phagocytic cells. GPs were obtained from Saccharomyces cerevisae and loaded with the water-insoluble complex Gd-DOTAMA(C18)2. The uptake kinetics of Gd-GPs by murine macrophages(More)
A new approach to enzyme-responsive MRI agents based on the use of liposomes loaded with a high number of paramagnetic metal complexes (Gd-HPDO3A) is presented. It relies on the disruption of low relaxivity aggregates formed by liposomes and a macromolecular substrate that is selectively cleaved by the enzyme of interest. The interaction of anionic(More)
This communication demonstrates that yeast cell wall particles (YCWPs) are a promising class of nature-inspired biocompatible microcarriers for the delivery of amphipathic/lipophilic imaging reporters. When a paramagnetic MRI agent is loaded, the longitudinal relaxivity per particle at 0.5 T is the highest ever reported for Gd-based systems.
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