Sara Figueiredo

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This communication demonstrates that yeast cell wall particles (YCWPs) are a promising class of nature-inspired biocompatible microcarriers for the delivery of amphipathic/lipophilic imaging reporters. When a paramagnetic MRI agent is loaded, the longitudinal relaxivity per particle at 0.5 T is the highest ever reported for Gd-based systems.
Tin complexes demonstrate antiproliferative activities in some case higher than cisplatin, with IC50 at the low micromolar range. We have previously showed that the cyclic trinuclear complex of Sn(IV) bearing an aromatic oximehydroxamic acid group [nBu2Sn(L)]3 (L=N,2-dihydroxy-5-[N-hydroxyethanimidoyl]benzamide) (MG85) shows high anti-proliferative(More)
Several copper complexes have been assessed as anti-tumor agents against cancer cells. In this work, a copper compound [Cu(H2O){OS(CH3)2}L](NO3)2 incorporating the ligand 4′-phenyl-terpyridine antiproliferative activity against human colorectal, hepatocellular carcinomas and breast adenocarcinoma cell lines was determined, demonstrating high cytotoxicity.(More)
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