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PURPOSE Peters anomaly is a rare dramatic finding at birth and can be associated with other systemic malformations. We performed a literature review of multiple case reports and case series to better define the common characteristics and unusual findings associated with Peters anomaly. METHODS A representative case is discussed followed by a literature(More)
The retina is a delicate tissue that detects light, converts photochemical energy into neural signals, and transmits the signals to the visual cortex of the brain. A detailed protein inventory of the proteome of the normal human eye may provide a foundation for new investigations into both the physiology of the retina and the pathophysiology of retinal(More)
This paper describes how “Computer supported cooperative work”, coped with security technologies and advanced knowledge management techniques, can support the penal judicial activities, in particular national and trans-national investigations phases when different judicial system have to cooperate together. Increase of illegal immigration, trafficking of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare clinical outcomes, including patterns of failure, using the Ex-PRESS glaucoma shunt, in black and white patients with open-angle glaucoma. DESIGN Retrospective comparative study. PARTICIPANTS Sixty-three eyes of 50 black patients and 44 eyes of 34 white patients with open-angle glaucoma. METHODS The Ex-PRESS shunt procedure was(More)
The iris is a fine structure that controls the amount of light that enters the eye. The ciliary body controls the shape of the lens and produces aqueous humor. The retinal pigment epithelium and choroid (RPE/choroid) are essential in supporting the retina and absorbing light energy that enters the eye. Proteins were extracted from iris, ciliary body, and(More)
The optic nerve is a white matter tract that conveys visual information to the brain. The sclera comprises the white, protective outer layer of the eye. A characterization of the proteome of normal human retrobulbar optic nerve and sclera may facilitate studies of the eye. We conducted a proteomic analysis of optic nerve and sclera from five adults.(More)
A 25-year-old woman presented with a painless inferomedial subconjunctival mass in the right eye. The growth had been present since birth and had been increasing in size for over 1 year. Incisional biopsy with debulking proved the lesion to be a dermolipoma extending behind the globe that contained ectopic lacrimal gland tissue. The authors describe a very(More)
This study focuses on the conceptual design and the numerical analysis of an Energy Harvesting (EH) device, based on piezoelectric materials, for the sustainability of smart buildings. Before that, a comprehensive literature review on the topic takes place. The device consists in an aerodynamic fin attached to a piezoelectric element that makes use of the(More)
The secure collaborative judicial workspace (SCJW) has to allow the actors to use a number of communication and scheduling instruments for managing and storing any kind of documentation, video and audio recordings, evidence, among different Judicial offices of different countries. In this scenario is very important to identify encoded application delivering(More)
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