Sara F. Rushinek

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This study analyzes the influence of Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) on overall end-user satisfaction. The variables, user expectations, mainframe, and using data base management systems (DBMS)arefound to be the most significant variables affecting overall satisfaction, whereas, the variables, number of user responses and minio computer systems (as the(More)
This study analyzes the influence of sources of applications programs (SAP) on overall computer user satisfaction as determined by multiple regression. The variables, proprietary software packages, vendor customized application programs, and average system, life in months are found to be the most significant variables affecting overall satisfaction whereas,(More)
This research will explain the innovations in gathering and communicating data, outside the traditional role of the accounting function, which are required to adequately fulfill the information needs of all levels of management. Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) and their respective administration offer a good basis for collecting and utilizing available(More)
This study is a summary of the various relevant aspects related to evaluating system efficiency in computerized accounting information systems. During recent years a vast body of knowledge central to the problem of <underline>computer performance evaluation</underline> has accumulated. Unfortunately, however, the work on the subject demonstrates enormous(More)