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We present maps, source lists and derived number counts from the largest, unbiased, extragalactic submillimetre (submm) survey so far undertaken with the SCUBA camera on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). Our maps are located in two regions of sky (ELAIS N2 and Lockman-Hole E) and cover 260 arcmin 2 , to a typical rms noise level of s 850. 2:5 mJy(More)
Radiation is an effective means of treating localized prostate cancer. However, up to 40% of men with certain risk factors will develop biochemical failure 5 years after radiotherapy. CV706, a prostate cell-specific adenovirus variant, is currently in clinical trials for the treatment of recurrent organ-confined prostate cancer. We demonstrated previously(More)
Carbon : nitrogen : phosphorus (C : N : P) stoichiometry can underlie physiological and life history characteristics that shape ecological interactions. Despite its potential importance, there is much to learn about the causes and consequences of stoichiometric variation in terrestrial consumers. Here we show that treehoppers (Publilia modesta) tended by(More)
Head and neck cancer (HNC) challenges the physical, social, and psychological well-being of the individual, and their family and friends, with 50% of patients facing the prospect of dying within 5 years of diagnosis. To enhance care at the end of life, further understanding of how patients and their loved ones cope is needed. Findings from a qualitative(More)
The Corporation of London's Bridge House Trust commissioned this research study to determine and map the service needs of young people at risk of sexual exploitation in London. The authors of this report are Zoe Harper and Sara Scott of Barnardo's.This report is intended as a basis for discussion and every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and(More)