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Hemimelia is a congenital disease of complete or partial absence of one or more bones. The most important hypothesis is that radial agenesis is a consequence of neural crest injury. Treatment selection depends on the degree of the deformity and the reduction of limb function. This report describes a case of bilateral radial hemimelia and multiple(More)
Ectrodactyly is a rare developmental anomaly of the distal part of the forelimb. It is characterized by the presence of an abnormal longitudinal soft tissue and osseous separation or cleft between the digits and the metacarpal bones. It can be associated with hypoplasia, aplasia and malformation of one or more bones of the antebrachium, carpus, metacarpus(More)
Selective removal of the pituitary adenoma has not been advocated in dogs with pituitary-dependent hypercortisolism because the pituitary adenoma is usually not visualized on routine computed tomography (CT). Dynamic pituitary CT scanning is aimed at the detection of the pituitary flush and, indirectly, at the presence and position of the adenoma. The first(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the best combination of isometric points with the best kinematic results between two different approaches of TightRope® cranial cruciate ligament reconstruction. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cranial drawer, cranial tibial thrust, internal/external, range of motion and varus/valgus tests were passively performed in different stifle(More)
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