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The GIVE Challenge is a recent shared task in which NLG systems are evaluated over the Internet. In this paper, we validate this novel NLG evaluation methodology by comparing the Internet-based results with results we collected in a lab experiment. We find that the results delivered by both methods are consistent, but the Internet-based approach offers the(More)
Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) are widely used to assist users in carrying out tasks. There are various reasons for including them in interfaces; they may help guide a user's attention to important information; they may improve overall task performance; or they may simply make the interface more attractive, thereby increasing the user's motivation to(More)
Mutual gaze is important to social interaction, and can also facilitate task performance. Previous work has assumed that staring at someone maximises mutual gaze. Eye-tracking is used to explore this claim, along with the relationship between mutual gaze and task performance. Two participants – Instruction Giver (IG) and Instruction Follower (IF) –(More)
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