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The effectiveness of a cardiovascular stent depends on many factors, such as its ability to sustain the compression applied by the vessel wall, minimal longitudinal contraction when it is expanded, and its ability to flex when navigating tortuous blood vessels. The long-term reaction of the tissue to the stent is also device dependant; in particular some(More)
Loss of pigmentation in hair fibres is one of the most obvious phenotypic changes with ageing and has been a topic of increasing interest in the study of follicle biology. The onset of greying brings cosmetic complaints that grey fibres are wild or difficult to manage. Of course, these perceptions may be the consequence of visual obviousness rather than(More)
The quantification of plutonium (Pu) in spent nuclear fuel is an increasingly important safeguards issue. There exists an estimated worldwide 980 metric tons of Pu in the nuclear fuel cycle and the majority is in spent nuclear fuel waiting for long term storage or fuel reprocessing. This study investigates utilizing the measurement of x-ray fluorescence(More)
Grey hair samples were collected from 11 individuals and separated into un-pigmented and pigmented fibres (International Hair Importers). Fluorescence measurements were obtained by using a double-grating fluorescence spectrophotometer and a bifurcated fibre optics accessory to measure the spectra directly from the surface of hair at various distances from(More)
Bayesian Network Analysis of Radiological Dispersal Device Acquisitions. It remains unlikely that a terrorist organization could produce or procure an actual nuclear weapon. However, the construction of a radiological dispersal device (RDD) from commercially produced radioactive sources and conventional explosives could inflict moderate human casualties and(More)
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