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  • Timothy D W, Douglas J Lisle, Jonathan W Schookr, Sara D Hodges, Kristen J Klaaren, Suzanne J Lafleur
  • 2007
This study tested the prediction that introspecting about the reasons far one's preferences would reduce satisfaction with a consu¥merchoice Subjects evaluated two types ofposters and then chose one to take home. Those instruefed to think about their reasons chose a different type of poster than control subjects and, when contacted 3 weeks later, were less(More)
  • Kristi J K Klein, Sara D Hodges, Jay Breslow, Jeanna Caropreso, Tony Costanza, Wendy Hawkins +11 others
Two studies of college students investigated the conditions under which women perform better than men on an empathic accuracy task (inferring the thoughts and feelings of a target person). The first study demonstrated that women's advantage held only when women were given a task assessing their feelings of sympathy toward the target prior to performing the(More)
Does the presence of irrelevant neuroscience information make explanations of psychological phenomena more appealing? Do fMRI pictures further increase that allure? To help answer these questions, 385 college students in four experiments read brief descriptions of psychological phenomena, each one accompanied by an explanation of varying quality (good vs.(More)
Empat hy is a complex psychological response in which observation, memory , knowledge, and reasoning are combined to yield insights into the thoughts and feelings of others (Ickes, 1997). There is broad agreement about two primary components of empathy: (1) an affective response to another person , which may (but not always) entail sharing that person's(More)
Two studies explored the extent to which prior affective expectations shape people's evaluations of experiences and decisions about repeating those experiences. Study 1 found that students' prior expectations about an upcoming vacation accounted for a significant portion of the variance in their post-vacation evaluations , as did students' recall of(More)
Using naturalistic stimuli, we assessed the ability to infer what other people are feeling in three groups of participants: healthy elderly adults, patients suffering from the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (FTD-b), and patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease (AD). After watching videotaped interviews of everyday people (nonactors)(More)
An important part of most definitions of attitudes is that they persist over time. Allport (1935) noted that attitudes "often persist throughout life in the way in which they were fixed in childhood or in youth" (p. 814). whereas Sherif and Cantril (1947) argued that "attitudes, once formed, are more or less enduring states of readiness" (p. 7). Petty and(More)
The illusion of independent agency (IIA) occurs when a fictional character is experienced by the person who created it as having independent thoughts, words, andlor actions. Children often report this sort of independence in their descriptions of imaginary companions. This study investigated the extent that adult writers experience IIA with the characters(More)
Three studies sought to investigate decision strategies in memory-based decisions and to test the predictions of the parallel constraint satisfaction (PCS) model for decision making (Glöckner & Betsch, 2008). Time pressure was manipulated and the model was compared against simple heuristics (take the best and equal weight) and a weighted additive strategy.(More)
This study examined how having had a similar experience to a target person's experience affected three facets of empathy: empathic concern, empathic accuracy, and perceived empathy. Women who had never been mothers, who were pregnant with their first child, or who had just given birth to their first child (20 in each group) served as perceivers, watching(More)