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Does the presence of irrelevant neuroscience information make explanations of psychological phenomena more appealing? Do fMRI pictures further increase that allure? To help answer these questions, 385 college students in four experiments read brief descriptions of psychological phenomena, each one accompanied by an explanation of varying quality (good vs.(More)
Thorough imaging of the cervical spine often requires more than one test. The many available options from which to choose can often lead to redundancy and confusion regarding the best test series. In an effort to make the process of choosing the most effective imaging series more efficient, we review the current literature on cervical imaging and, from the(More)
Three studies sought to investigate decision strategies in memory-based decisions and to test the predictions of the parallel constraint satisfaction (PCS) model for decision making (Glöckner & Betsch, 2008). Time pressure was manipulated and the model was compared against simple heuristics (take the best and equal weight) and a weighted additive strategy.(More)
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