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Melanoma is the deadliest cutaneous malignancy and its incidence continues to grow. Until 2011, the treatment options for metastatic melanoma were scarce and without any overall survival benefit. The emergence of new targeted therapies for BRAF mutant melanoma (vemurafenib) and immunotherapy (ipilimumab) has changed the standard of care for this disease.(More)
INTRODUCTION Identification of patients at risk of hereditary cancer is an essential component of oncology practice, since it enables clinicians to offer early detection and prevention programs. However, the large number of hereditary syndromes makes it difficult to take them all into account in daily practice. Consequently, the National Cancer Institute(More)
368 Background: VTE is considered a main cause of mortality and morbidity in cancer pts and is commonly underestimated by oncologists. Pancreatic cancer is associated with the highest risk of VTE and the true incidence remains uncertain. Chemotherapy has been identified as an independent risk factor for VTE. The aim of this study is to analyze the incidence(More)
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