Sara Bruschi

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BACKGROUND A survey on 68 dairy farms was carried out to evaluate the ensiling procedures adopted to store corn silage. Samples from core, lateral and apical zones of the feed-out face of silos were analysed. A principal factor analysis (PFA) was carried out on the entire database (196 silage samples and 36 variables) and 11 principal factor components(More)
OBJECTIVE The negative effects on cheese quality of milk contaminated by spores of Clostridium butyricum and Cl.tyrobutyricum is prevented by the use of egg white lysozyme as additive. Since the presence of lysozyme in cheese could be possibly risky in allergic subjects, we aimed at investigating its absorption as well as serum IgE antibody titers after(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate corn silage fermentative quality, a principal factor analysis was carried out on a database consisting of 196 corn silages sampled from the core, lateral and apical parts of silo feed-out face and characterised by 36 variables. Eleven principal factor components (PCs) were retained and interpreted. Two PCs were related to chemical(More)
In the present work, Grana Padano (GP) and Trentingrana (TN) cheeses at different ripening time were in vitro digested. To study calcium uptake and utilization, the intact digestates (selected doses that do not alter cell viability and Transepithelial Electrical Resistance) were administered to Caco2/HT-29 70/30 cells, cultured on a semipermeable membrane(More)
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