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Current business conditions have given rise to distributed teams that are mostly collocated except for one remote member. These "hub-and-satellite" teams face the challenge of the satellite colleague being out-of-sight and out-of-mind. We developed a telepresence device, called an Embodied Social Proxy (ESP), which represents the satellite coworker 24x7.(More)
In the past few years, the increase in interactive use of computers has led to an emphasis on human factors and the ways in which digital information can best be presented to users. Computer graphics has been at the forefront of this growth involving vision as an active aid in interpreting data. Bar charts, psuedo-color image processing, and 3-dimensional(More)
Beginning with Sketchpad and continuing to Macintosh and beyond, designers and users of interactive graphics systems and applications have refined the nature of the working graphical, interface between a person and a computer. The panel will trace the changing uses of graphical symbols and icons; address the evolution of concurrency in windows, menus and(More)
Graphics Interface '88, sponsored by the Canadian Man-Computer Communications Society, is the fourteent h Canadian conference devoted to computer graphics an d interactive techniques and is the oldest regularly scheduled computer graphics conference in the world. Now an annua l conference including a film festival and tutorials, Graphic s Interface has(More)
The ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW'92) was held in Toronto, Canada, October 31 to November 4, 1992. Sponsored by ACM SIGCHI and SIGOIS, the conference was focused on "sharing perspectives" especially in bringing together the multiple disciplines of the field. In the next several pages, you will find seven panel and workshop(More)
April 1985 in cooperaion with the Human Factor s Society, ACM/SIGGRAPH, the Cognitive Scienc e Society and the IEEE Computer Society. In addition t o an excellent set of technical paper presentations, session s included panels, videos, live demonstrations, interes t groups and a day of tutorials. The mix of disciplines of th e 1,150 attendees made the(More)
The SIGGRAPH advisory board met on May 26, 1988, 9 :00 a .m .-4 :30 p .m. The SIGGRAPH executive committee ha d requested that the advisory board discuss a set of specific issues. Some extra agenda items were added by the advisory boar d members. This report summarizes the discussion of each agend a item. Tom Wright reported on three SIGGRAPH activities in(More)
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