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Inferior scapular notching following reverse shoulder arthroplasty has been described using devices with a center of rotation located at the glenoid. Notching is typically seen within the first few months. To date, the only prosthesis without a reported case of scapular notching is the Encore Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis (RSP) (DJO Surgical, Austin, Texas).(More)
The etiology of lacunar CCT lesions is controversial. We report a patient with recurrent ischemia in the territory of the right internal carotid artery. CCT initially showed a fresh non-lacunar lesion in the area of the basal ganglia and internal capsule. Subsequently, repeat CCT revealed a singular lacunar defect in the internal capsule. The Doppler(More)
PURPOSE Glenoid component loosening remains a common mode of failure for total shoulder arthroplasty and has inspired improvements in implant design, instrumentation, and surgical technique. The purpose of this manuscript was to evaluate the incidence of radiolucent lines and glenoid seating on initial postoperative radiographs using a modern pegged-glenoid(More)
The yield of TTE and TEE in identifying cardiac sources of embolism in patients with TIA or stroke was calculated from data from the Berlin Stroke Data Bank. High risk sources of embolism were detected by TTE in 4.2% with and in 1.6% of patients without evidence of cardiac disease from case history, clinical symptomatology, and ECG respectively. TEE yielded(More)
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