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The spans of apprehension of learning-disabled and normal boys were compared by means of a forced-choice letter-recognition task involving tachistoscopic exposures of letter displays. This task provides an estimate of the span that is relatively insensitive to memory or motivational influences. In Experiment 1, the spans of learning-disabled and normal boys(More)
Denton and McIntyre (1978), using a forced-choice letter-recognition procedure, demonstrated increasing reductions in the spans of apprehension of hyperactive as compared to normal boys when a signal letter was embedded within an increasing number of noise letters. In the present study, the effect of variations in the amount of physical signal-noise(More)
BACKGROUND Students often receive little feedback after summative objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) to enable them to improve their performance. Electronic audio feedback has shown promise in other educational areas. AIM We investigated the feasibility of electronic audio feedback in OSCEs. METHODS An electronic OSCE system was(More)
We report here an advanced, chemically active and yet hydrolytically stable microporous membrane which allows permanent covalent binding of amino ligands such as proteins. Rapid, single-step immobilizations produce a high density of immobilized ligands. Surface chemistry of the membrane is specifically designed to have extremely low nonspecific binding.(More)
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