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We present a description of two small audio/visual im-mersive installations. The main framework is an interactive structure that enables multiple participants to generate jazz improvisations, loosely speaking. The first uses a Bayesian Network to respond to sung or played pitches with machine pitches, in a kind of constrained harmonic way. The second uses(More)
BACKGROUND Flow cytometry is used to monitor lymphocyte subsets in both the clinical and research settings. An understanding of the degree of inter- and intrasubject variability of these populations is critical for data interpretation. METHODS Peripheral blood lymphocytes of 18 healthy adults were analyzed on two separate occasions using a multicolor flow(More)
Pharmacies have been endorsed as alternative vaccine delivery sites to improve vaccination rates through increased access to services. Our objective was to identify challenges and facilitators to adolescent and adult vaccination provision in pharmacy settings in the United States. We recruited 40 licensed pharmacists in states with different pharmacy(More)
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