Sara B Frederiksen

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The factors determining gradients of biodiversity are a fundamental yet unresolved topic in ecology. While diversity gradients have been analysed for numerous single taxa, progress towards general explanatory models has been hampered by limitations in the phylogenetic coverage of past studies. By parallel sampling of 25 major plant and animal taxa along a(More)
Based mainly on morphology of the solenomere, a restricted redefinition of the millipede genus Rhamphidarpoides Kraus, 1960, is given. R. aberdarei (Brolemann, 1920), R. aloysiisabaudiae (Silvestri, 1907), R. alticolus (Brolemann, 1920), R. austrosudanicus n.sp., (South Sudan), R. collinus n.sp., (Kenya), R. cyclopyge (Attems, 1935), R. filigerus(More)
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