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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The present paper explores aspects of a large dataset of adolescent potentiates of low back pain. Standing, trunk and shoulder height, subischial height, weight and mean leg length are examined in relation to reports of low back pain in the last two weeks, in strata of age and gender. METHOD The present study examined 1254(More)
Step ergometry has become a popular treatment mode in cardiovascular fitness and knee rehabilitation programs. The following study describes the effects of forward stair stepping at 35 and 95 steps/minute and forward and retrograde stair stepping at 60 steps/minute on the mean electromyographic (EMG) activity of the gluteus maximus, rectus femoris, vastus(More)
For some ambiguous scenes perceptual conflict arises between integration and segregation. Initially, all stimulus features seem integrated. Then abruptly, perhaps after a few seconds, a segregated percept emerges. For example, segregation of acoustic features into streams may require several seconds. In behavioral experiments, when a subject's reports of(More)
Previous studies have reported sex differences in wayfinding performance among adults. Men are typically better at using Euclidean information and survey strategies while women are better at using landmark information and route strategies. However, relatively few studies have examined sex differences in wayfinding in children. This research investigated(More)
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