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BACKGROUND Developmental dysplasia of hip (DDH) is one of the congenital anomalies in newborns that if not diagnosed and treated on time can lead to a severe disability. Although clinical examination is a very useful way for screening, but in some patients, a confirmatory diagnostic method such as ultrasonography is needed. The aim of the present study is(More)
OBJECTIVE Knee arthroscopy is a painful procedure which if untreated will cause intensive and prolonged pain that may prevent rehabilitation of patients. This study was designed to compare the analgesic effects of different opioids in the early post operative period in comparison to control group. METHODOLOGY One hundred forty patients were prospectively(More)
BACKGROUND As the first experience of substance abuse often starts in adolescence, and studies have shown that drug use is mainly related to cigarette and alcohol consumption, an initial exploration of substance abuse prevalence, including cigarette and alcohol, seems to be the first step in preventing and controlling drug consumption. This study aimed to(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescents are being threatened by several accidents because of entering the new world of adulthood, separation from families, a greater presence in community individually, the lack of knowledge of rules and risk-taking spirit of adolescents, and events. The contribution of these damages and their related costs are higher in developing and(More)
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