Sara A. Miller

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During a screen for ethylnitrosourea-induced mutations in mice affecting blood natural killer (NK) cells, we identified a strain, designated Duane, in which NK cells were reduced in blood and spleen but increased in lymph nodes (LNs) and bone marrow (BM). The accumulation of NK cells in LNs reflected a decreased ability to exit into lymph. This strain(More)
Small peptides, derived from endogenous proteins bind within the antigen binding groove created by the beta-pleated sheets and alpha helices of the alpha 1 and alpha 2 domains of the class I molecule of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). However, the precise role of peptide in class I MHC conformation remains unclear. Here, we have shown that, in(More)
MHC molecules associated with autoimmunity possess known structural features that limit the repertoire of peptides that they can present. Such limitation gives a selective advantage to TCRs that rely on interaction with the MHC itself, rather than with the peptide residues. At the same time, negative selection is impaired because of the lack of negatively(More)
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