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Lakes play an important role in the cycling of organic matter in the boreal landscape, due to the frequently high extent of bacterial respiration and the efficient burial of organic carbon in sediments. Based on a mass balance approach, we calculated a carbon budget for a small humic Swedish lake in the vicinity of a potential final repository for(More)
The aim of this study was to compare xanthine oxidase (XO) and N-acetyltransferase-2 (NAT2) genotype and phenotype between Swedes (n = 113) and Koreans (n = 150), as well as to investigate the effect of sex, smoking, age, and oral contraceptive (OC) use on enzyme activities, using caffeine as a probe. XO and NAT2 activities were estimated by 1U/(1U+1X) and(More)
INTRODUCTION The ABO blood group system is encoded by one gene, ABO. Previous studies have reported an association between blood group non-O (i.e. phenotype A, B or AB) and myocardial infarction. Studies on stroke and ABO are, however, more scarce. Therefore, we aimed to investigate whether ABO phenotype or genotype is associated with ischemic stroke and/or(More)
OBJECTIVE Monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) is a key mitochondrial enzyme that metabolizes biogenic amine neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Individuals with atypical depression (AD) are particularly responsive to treatment with MAO inhibitors (MAOIs). Biomarker tests are essential for prompt diagnosis of AD, and to identify those with an altered(More)
The role of sex and androgen receptors (ARs) for social preference and social memory is rather unknown. In this study of mice we compared males, females and males lacking ARs specifically in the nervous system, AR(NesDel), with respect to social preference, assessed with the three-chambered apparatus test, and social recognition, assessed with the social(More)
Development of breast cancer is a multistage process influenced by hormonal and environmental factors as well as by genetic background. The search for genes underlying this malignancy has recently been highly productive, but the etiology behind this complex disease is still not understood. In studies using animal cancer models, heterogeneity of the genetic(More)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are more prevalent in boys than in girls, indicating that high levels of testosterone during early development may be a risk factor. Evidence for this hypothesis comes from studies showing associations between fetal testosterone levels, as well as indirect measures of prenatal androgenization, and ASDs and autistic-like(More)
In this thesis, contemporary universities and their response to external pressure are studied. The term " the active university " is put forward as an analytical tool. The active university " acts " in two ways: by taking concrete initiatives and by playing a role. The concept is inspired by theories on strategic actorhood and by new institutional theory.(More)
The ability to recognize the identity of faces and voices is essential for social relationships. Although the heritability of social memory is high, knowledge about the contributing genes is sparse. Since sex differences and rodent studies support an influence of estrogens and androgens on social memory, polymorphisms in the estrogen and androgen receptor(More)