Saqib Sohail

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In the game-theoretic approach to the synthesis of reactive systems, specifications are often expressed as ω-regular languages. Computing a winning strategy to an infinite game whose winning condition is an ω-regular language is then the main step in obtaining an implementation. Conjoining all the properties of a specification to obtain a monolithic game(More)
In the software development life cycle, maintenance is a key phase that determines long term and effective use of any software. Maintenance can become very lengthy and costly for large software systems when structure of the system is complicated. One of the factors complicating the structure of the software system is subsystem boundaries becoming ambiguous(More)
—A finite state reactive system (for instance a hardware controller) can be specified through a set of !-regular properties, most of which are often safety properties. In the game-based approach to synthesis, the specification is converted to a game between the system and the environment. A deterministic implementation is obtained from the game graph and a(More)
His paper proposes a novel idea of using fuzzy logic for architectural and resource management aspects of the bandwidth broker. The scalability problem of bandwidth broker, being a centralised resource manager in a domain, can be solved by employing a distributed architecture. The decisions regarding the distributed architecture, namely, number and location(More)
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