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A monomer-on-monomer (MoM) Mitsunobu reaction utilizing norbornenyl-tagged (Nb-tagged) reagents is reported, whereby purification was rapidly achieved by employing ring-opening metathesis polymerization, which was initiated by any of three methods utilizing Grubbs catalyst: (i) free catalyst in solution, (ii) surface-initiated catalyst-armed silica, or(More)
The utilization of a monomer-on-monomer (MoM) intramolecular Mitsunobu cyclization reaction employing norbornenyl-tagged (Nb-tagged) reagents is reported for the synthesis of benzofused thiadiazepine-dioxides. Facile purification was achieved via ring-opening metathesis (ROM) polymerization initiated by one of three metathesis catalyst methods: (i) free(More)
A combination of MACOS scale-out and ROMP-derived oligomeric triazole phosphates (OTP(n)) have been successfully utilized for the preparation of a 106-member library of triazole containing benzothiaoxazepine-1,1-dioxides. This report demonstrates the utilization of a suite of soluble OTP(n) reagents for facile (triazolyl)methylation of 10 MACOS-derived(More)
Soluble, high-load ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP)-derived oligomeric triazole phosphates (OTP) are reported for application as efficient triazolating reagents of nucleophilic species. Utilizing a "Click"-capture, ROMP, release protocol, the efficient and purification-free, direct triazolation of N-, O-, and S-nucleophilic species was(More)
The development and application of high-load, recyclable magnetic Co/C hybrid ROMP-derived benzenesulfonyl chloride and analogues is reported. The regeneration and utility of these reagents in the methylation/alkylation of various carboxylic acids is demonstrated via efficient retrieval of the magnetic reagent with a neodymium magnet. Additional reactions(More)
The syntheses of silica-supported oligomeric benzyl phosphates (Si-OBP(n)) and triazole phosphates (Si-OTP(n)) using ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) for use as efficient alkylating reagents is reported. Ease of synthesis and grafting onto the surface of norbornenyl-tagged (Nb-tagged) silica particles has been demonstrated for benzyl phosphate(More)
Applications of silica-ROMP reagents in a one-pot, sequential protocol have been developed for the synthesis of a variety of diverse benzoxathiazepine 1,1-dioxides. This protocol includes sulfonylation, intramolecular SNAr, alkylation with silica-supported oligomeric benzyl (Si-OBPn) and triazole (Si-OTPn) phosphates, and intermolecular SNAr addition with a(More)
The development of new ROMP-derived silica-immobilized heterocyclic phosphate reagents and their application in purification-free protocols is reported. Grafting of norbornenyl norbornenyl-functionalized (Nb-tagged) silica particles with functionalized Nb-tagged heterocyclic phosphate monomers efficiently yield high-load, hybrid silica-immobilized(More)
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