Saptarshi Mandal

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Molecular recognition is all pervasive in biology. Protein molecules are involved in enzyme regulation, immune response, signal transduction, oligomer assembly, etc. Delineation of physical and chemical features of the interface formed by protein-protein association would allow us to better understand protein interaction networks on one hand, and to design(More)
This report discusses the electrical characteristics of two-terminal synaptic memory devices capable of demonstrating an analog change in conductance in response to the varying amplitude and pulse-width of the applied signal. The devices are based on Mn doped HfO₂ material. The mechanism behind reconfiguration was studied and a unified model is presented to(More)
Modeling uncertainty during risk assessment is a vital component for effective decision making. Unfortunately, most of the risk assessment studies suffer from uncertainty analysis. The development of tools and techniques for capturing uncertainty in risk assessment is ongoing and there has been a substantial growth in this respect in health risk assessment.(More)
We present certain exact analytical results for dynamical spin correlation functions in the Kitaev Model. It is the first result of its kind in nontrivial quantum spin models. The result is also novel: in spite of the presence of gapless propagating Majorana fermion excitations, dynamical two spin correlation functions are identically zero beyond nearest(More)
This paper discusses the impact of the bidirectional diode parameters on the read failures in 1ReRAM 1Diode (1D1R) crossbar array memory architectures. Our studies show that while a diode is integral for the successful read operation, the maximum achievable crossbar memory capacity is a strong function of the reverse saturation current of the diode. An(More)
A generalized Cohen-Grossberg neural network model with both discrete and neutral time varying delays is considered here. Activation functions and approximately behaved functions are not required to be differentiable. Global robust exponential stability of periodic solution is studied using a suitable Lyapunov functional by constructing a general eigen(More)