Saptarshi Chattopadhyay

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BACKGROUND Air-jet atomization is a common technique used for the generation of therapeutic aerosols from liposome suspensions for drug delivery to the lungs. Although the technique does not use an electric field, the aerosols generated by this technique are still charged, and this may affect respiratory drug deposition. METHODS In this study, the charge(More)
Pulmonary lung targeting finds applications in drug delivery to the lung itself and to other body organs, via blood circulation following transfer across alveolar membranes. Understanding pulmonary drug delivery systems towards improving their efficacy needs identification of particle sizes of relevance and elucidation of links between suspension(More)
Macroporous WO3 nanotubes (NTs) functionalized with nanoscale catalysts were fabricated using coaxial electrospinning combined with sacrificial templating and protein-encapsulated catalysts. The macroporous thin-walled nanotubular structures were obtained by introducing colloidal polystyrene (PS) particles to a shell solution of W precursor and(More)
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