Sapphire Vanderlip

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The effect of enzymatic generation of ceramide on phase separated bilayers with a mixture of co-existing fluid and liquid-ordered phases has been examined using a combination of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and fluorescence imaging. Supported lipid bilayers prepared from a DOPC/sphingomyelin/cholesterol mixture were imaged prior to, during and after(More)
Preliminary studies in anestrous Beagle bitches demonstrated that a single injection of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (150 micrograms) produced a rapid, physiological rise in serum estradiol lasting 1-3 days while progesterone remained below 1 ng/ml, whereas serial injections of FSH rapidly produced greater elevations in estradiol and a rapid rise in(More)
In one study in 33 bitches, in which each of seven doses of GnRH were injected into six anoestrous bitches each, doses of > or = 400 ng kg-1 released LH consistently, and doses of < or = 200 ng kg-1 did not. In a second study, GnRH was administered in pulses of 15-500 ng kg-1 every 90 min for 7-9 days to 36 anoestrous bitches, four prepubertal bitches and(More)
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