Sapna Sasidharan

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Encryption is used to securely transmit data in open networks. Each type of data has its own features; therefore different techniques should be used to protect confidential image data from unauthorized access. In this paper, a fast partial image encryption scheme using Discrete Wavelet Transform with RC4 Stream Cipher is done. In this method, the(More)
A novel steganographic scheme is proposed. For image compression, wavelets and genetic programming is used. This image compression is build upon the DWPT to shorten the image, and to provide better quality levels at better compression ratios. Quantizing an image in the wavelet domain allows for easier evolution of genetic programs without sacrificing much(More)
Bio-images such as fingerprint, face and iris are sensitive and hence small change in such images could affect the result substantially. The processing overhead could be reduced by encrypting a preferred region instead of encrypting the entire image. In this paper a novel fractional bio-image encryption method is presented using Karhunen-Loeve (KL)(More)
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