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Thought-action fusion (TAF) is a cognitive bias presumed to underlie the development of obsessional problems (i.e. obsessive-compulsive disorder; OCD). Previous studies have found that TAF is related to not only OCD, but also to other anxiety disorders. In the present study we compared levels of TAF in OCD patients and in patients with other anxiety(More)
Previous research suggests that individuals with OCD use maladaptive strategies to control their unpleasant thoughts (Behav Res Ther (1977) 35, 775). These include worry and self-punishment strategies. In the present study we replicated and extended the previous findings by comparing thought control strategies used by patients with OCD to strategies used by(More)
Although alcohol consumption is involved in most acts of violence, most people do not become violent when they drink. Individuals also respond differently to alcohol on laboratory measures of aggression. The objective of this study was to determine whether individual differences in the effects of alcohol on a laboratory measure of aggression are related to(More)
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