Sapna Amol Madas

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Background: Poverty is an important surrogate marker for obstructive airway diseases (OAD). Slum constitutes a habitat wherein various poverty related parameters are perpetually prevalent in the ambience. 1/6th of world population lives in slums yet there is no information regarding their health status in context to asthma and COPD. Aims: We investigated(More)
BACKGROUND India has one of the highest disease burdens in the world. A better understanding of what ails India will help policy makers plan appropriate health-care services and infrastructure development, design medical education curricula, and identify health research priorities that are relevant to the needs of the country. The POSEIDON study aimed to(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a commonly reported cause of death and associated with smoking. However, COPD mortality is high in poor countries with low smoking rates. Spirometric restriction predicts mortality better than airflow obstruction, suggesting that the prevalence of restriction could explain mortality rates attributed(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchodilators form the main stay of treatment for COPD. When symptoms are not adequately controlled with one bronchodilator, addition of another bronchodilator is recommended. We have recently developed a combination of tiotropium and formoterol in a single pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) (Cipla Ltd., India). The aim of this study was(More)
UNLABELLED This study evaluated antioxidant modulations of lung physiological-responses to beta-2-agonist and antimuscarinic bronchodilators with 1200mg/day n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) in a placebo-controlled, randomised, double-blind, parallel-group study, in moderate-very severe COPD patients. METHODS 15 COPD patients received NAC treatment, while 9 COPD(More)
BACKGROUND An estimated 700 million people suffer from mosquito-borne diseases worldwide. Various types of mosquito repellents are widely used to prevent mosquito bites. The objectives of this study were (1) to measure the indoor levels of particulate matter < 2.5 μm in mean aerodynamic diameter (PM2.5) and carbon monoxide (CO) during the burning of(More)
Although spirometry is the gold-standard diagnostic test for obstructive airways diseases, it remains poorly utilised in clinical practice. We aimed to investigate the use of spirometry across India, the change in its usage over a period of time and to understand the reasons for its under-utilisation. Two nationwide surveys were conducted in the years 2005(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical research in India experienced dramatic changes with series of stringent guidelines introduced by regulatory authorities. These guidelines posed significant challenges for the clinical trial industry. OBJECTIVE To assess the perceptions and opinion of Indian Investigators about the new regulatory guidelines. METHODS We developed a(More)
BACKGROUND Successful recruitment of patients is known to be one of the most challenging aspects in conduct of randomized controlled trials. Inadequate patient retention during conduct of trial affects conclusive results. OBJECTIVE To assess the level of challenges faced by Indian investigators in recruitment and retention of trial subjects. METHODS We(More)
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