Saowanit Tongpim

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Three slow-growing bacteria were isolated from a mixed culture enriched for growth on anthracene, using creosote-contaminated soil as the inoculum. Organisms were shown to use anthracene by the production of a clear zone around the colony after a mineral salts agar plate was sprayed with anthracene. All three bacteria were nonmotile, nonsporulating,(More)
Mycobacterium strain S1, originally described as Rhodococcus strain S1 by chemotaxonomic criteria, was isolated by growth on anthracene, and is unable to use any of nine other polycyclic aromatic compounds as carbon source. Metabolism of phenanthrene during growth on anthracene as sole carbon source results in the accumulation of traces of a dihydrodiol(More)
Generally, limited research is extended in studying stability and applicational properties of silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) synthesized by adopting 'green chemistry' protocol. In this work, we report on the synthesis of stable Ag NPs using plant-derived materials such as leaf extract of Neem (Azadirachta indica) and biopolymer pectin from apple peel. In(More)
By applying non-sterile open fermentation of food waste, various thermotolerant l-lactic acid-producing bacteria were isolated and identified. The predominant bacterial isolates showing higher accumulation of l-lactic acid belong to 3 groups of Bacillus coagulans, according to their 16S rRNA gene sequence similarities. B. coagulans strains M21 and M36(More)
When minced model kitchen refuse was inoculated with Bacillus coagulans and incubated under non-sterilizing open condition, at the temperature below 45°C, racemic mixture of D-and L-lactic acid was found, while L-lactic acid was selectively accumulated at 50-65°C. To analyze microflora of such mixed culture system, whole cells (fluorescent in situ(More)
In this study, 119 bacterial strains were isolated from various samples such as healthy tilapia fish (Oreochromis niloticus), water and sediment around the culture fish-cages, and several kinds of traditional fermented foods. These bacterial isolates were screened for antibacterial activities against bacterial fish pathogens i.e. Aeromonas hydrophila, A.(More)
The use of probiotic bacteria to control bacterial infection in farmed fish is of clear practical interest. The aims of this study were to isolate and select a probiotic Bacillus sp. and to evaluate the effects of its supplementation on the growth and disease resistance of hybrid catfish. Bacillus siamensis strain B44v, selectively isolated from Thai(More)
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