Saowanit Sukparungsee

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This paper presents new evidence about user perception of VoIP quality that is inconsistent with the general understanding of three codecs know as G.729, G.711 and G.722. The focus of the study is aimed at VoIP quality evaluation by Thai users that use the Thai language which is tonal. This study was conducted by using conversation-opinion tests. The(More)
To aid authenticity, accuracy and reliability of subjective measurement of VoIP quality measurements, this paper proposes a model that has been created from the subjective MOS, instead of using existing objective measurement methods for VoIP quality measurement. The proposed model of VoIP quality measurement method is based-on Thai users. The data has been(More)
This paper presents the conduction of conversational tests with three codecs; G.729, G.711 and G.722 referring to different one-way delays of <;10 ms, 400 ms and 800 ms, to help investigate delay effects to perceived voice quality by Thai users. The result from this study is found that with the best condition of delay (<;10 ms delay), the delay of 400(More)
In this paper we propose the explicit formulas of Average Run Length (ARL) of Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) control chart for Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average: ARIMA (p,d,q) (P, D, Q)L process with exponential white noise. To check the accuracy, the ARL results were compared with numerical integral equations based on the(More)
Classification is emphasized on allocating new observations in the test set of sample to labeled classes based on constructed rule from the training set. With the hybrid of several classification techniques has been developed and mostly exhibited results superior to a single classification technique. The aim of this study is to develop a new classification(More)
The quality of speech signal over a VoIP system is degraded by various network layer problems which include jamming, jitter, packet loss. Different types of noises also degrade the quality of speech signal such as external noise and quantization noise. This paper improves the quality of VoIP speech signal affected by these noises and network layer problems.(More)
Count data are used in many fields of practice, especially Poisson distribution as a popular choice for the marginal process distribution. If these counts exhibit serial dependence, a popular approach is to use a Poisson INAR(1) model to describe the autocorrelation structure of process. In this paper, the explicit formulas are proposed to evaluate(More)
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