Saowalak Sripakdee

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To examine associations between clinical features of Streptococcus suis serotype 2 infections in humans in Thailand and genotypic profiles of isolates, we conducted a retrospective study during 2006-2008. Of 165 patients for whom bacterial cultures of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, or both were positive for S. suis serotype 2, the major multilocus sequence(More)
Most cases of Streptococcus suis infection in humans are caused by serotype 2 strains, and only a few cases caused by other serotypes have been reported. Among 177 human isolates of S. suis in Thailand, 12 (6.8 %) were identified as being of serotype 14, and an occurrence of sporadic S. suis serotype 14 infection was noted during 2006-2008, particularly in(More)
BACKGROUND Although pertussis has been considered a disease of childhood, it is also recognized as an important respiratory tract infection in adolescents and adults. However, in countries with routine vaccination against pertussis with high coverage, pertussis is not usually taken into consideration for the etiology of prolonged cough in adults. Previous(More)
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