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In this paper we present an autonomous wearable personal training system, which includes a gesture user interface and real-time biofeedback. The system consists of a wearable processing device and one or more body-attached inertial sensors with 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope. In our experiments we employ inertial sensors of a smartphone attached(More)
Smartphones embedded sensors are being used in various applications. Sensor performance varies for different reasons and measuring them is not a simple task that could be done by any smartphone user. We propose a cloud-based mobile crowdsensing application which offers an easy way for participants to measure the performances of their smartphone sensors and(More)
The paper presents the limitations of smartphone MEMS gyroscopes and their suitability for biofeedback applications with rotation detection. We measured the smartphone gyroscope biases, identified the main causes for gyroscope errors, and quantified their influence on sensor precision. The main validation test includes angular measurements performed(More)
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