Sanza Kazadi

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The use of swarm clustering algorithms is investigated in the design of simple robots capable of carrying out swarm-mediated construction. Methods for generating multiple clusters of predetermined size are developed. Relative cluster motion algorithms are also developed and explored. All robotic algorithms are predicated on the use of robots that utilize no(More)
This paper describes how phase space diagrams may be used to predict the final states and system evolution of swarms. Phase space diagrams and system evolutions through phase space are constructed for systems of multiple and single attractors. While the diagrams indicate the number of attractors, the system evolutions confirm them. A method is described for(More)
We describe the general foraging task, breaking it into two different subtasks: map-making and collection. Map-making is a task in which a map is constructed which contains the location(s) of an item or of items in the search area. Collection is the task in which an item is picked up and carried back to a central known location. We theoretically examine(More)