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Backplay: "Man muss immer umkehren"
The approach, Backplay, uses a single demonstration to construct a curriculum for a given task, and analytically characterize the types of environments where Backplay can improve training speed and compare favorably to other competitive methods known to improve sample efficiency. Expand
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning: A Report on Challenges and Approaches
The report concludes with advances in the paradigm of training Multi-Agent Systems called Decentralized Actor, Centralized Critic, based on an extension of MDPs called \textit{Decentralization Partially Observable MDP}s, which has seen a renewed interest lately. Expand
First-Order Preconditioning via Hypergradient Descent
First-order preconditioning (FOP) is introduced, a fast, scalable approach that generalizes previous work on hypergradient descent and is able to improve the performance of standard deep learning optimizers on visual classification and reinforcement learning tasks with minimal computational overhead. Expand
Variational Auto-Regressive Gaussian Processes for Continual Learning
Experiments on standard continual learning benchmarks demonstrate the ability of VAR-GPs to perform well at new tasks without compromising performance on old ones, yielding competitive results to state-of-the-art methods. Expand
SKIing on Simplices: Kernel Interpolation on the Permutohedral Lattice for Scalable Gaussian Processes
This work develops a connection between SKI and the permutohedral lattice used for highdimensional fast bilateral filtering, and provides a CUDA implementation of Simplex-GP, which enables significant GPU acceleration of MVM based inference. Expand