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Many studies done in the study of usability and heuristic evaluations have evolved around the use of scenarios and heuristics. In our study, we aim to define usability attributes using research on scenario-based design methodologies as well as classical heuristic evaluation theories -specifically for hypermedia objects. We then apply these principles on a(More)
We think that an appropriate design of Computer Supported Col-laborative Work (CSCW) environment should facilitate creative and innovative collaborative work especially in the new era of global collective creation and exchange of media content: digital film, scientific data and R&D communication process applied to New Media. Our METIS project is based on a(More)
With the rapidly increasing implementation and popularity of Broadband New Media platforms in recent years, the effective personalized content service model has become a key issue in the establishment and development of New Media. In this paper we propose a User Preference Clustering framework for the customization of content service in broadband new media(More)
With the commercial value of open services gradually reflected, major Internet companies have all launched their own open platform strategies to attract more third-party developers. In this paper, we design a third-party developers auditing system, which helps to achieve better management of all the developers. This system is build based on Open API(More)
Omni Media has become an important trend with the development of information services in the context of network convergence and screen integration. In such an environment, Internet interaction is no longer limited to the computer, users can also access Internet resources through wearable and other smart computing devices. This paper proposes a multimedia(More)
This paper introduced the development background and analyzed the research significance of audio recognition system. Then explained the principle of digital audio fingerprinting technology and related applications, and introduced the basic concepts and properties. It also analyzed the most commonly used model and summarized the corresponding algorithm of(More)
In this paper, combined with the current situation of the copyright management of the micro-video and how to visually show the management system design of the micro-video cinema, and make the research and design based on the existing micro-video collaboration and exchange platform which name is called China VEC. It gives a functional requirements analysis(More)
People getting video information from the mobile lightweight TV media has become one of mainstream demands. Accordingly, this paper is based on an Android mobile App, which belongs to the Center of Radio and Television in Fengtai Beijing. To design and implementation of this mobile lightweight TV media system based on android, I take use of Java, PHP,(More)