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We think that an appropriate design of Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) environment should facilitate creative and innovative collaborative work especially in the new era of global collective creation and exchange of media content: digital film, scientific data and R&D communication process applied to New Media. Our METIS project is based on a(More)
With the rapidly increasing implementation and popularity of Broadband New Media platforms in recent years, the effective personalized content service model has become a key issue in the establishment and development of New Media. In this paper we propose a User Preference Clustering framework for the customization of content service in broadband new media(More)
Many studies done in the study of usability and heuristic evaluations have evolved around the use of scenarios and heuristics. In our study, we aim to define usability attributes using research on scenario-based design methodologies as well as classical heuristic evaluation theories -specifically for hypermedia objects. We then apply these principles on a(More)
Because of the popularity of Internet and mobile Internet, people are facing serious information overloading problems nowadays. Recommendation engine is very useful to help people to reach the Internet news they want through the network. Collaborative filtering (CF), such as item-based CF, is the most popular branch in recommendation domain. But the data's(More)
Online short video has become a very popular form of video nowadays. The video providers involve small ones, like a stand-alone video maker, a UGC studio, or some big video producers. They focus on providing the content, and they are eager to learn whether their videos are popular or not. Most of them hope that some widely accepted third party institution(More)
The rapid growth of the Internet users brings on bandwidth bottleneck. Consequently, it is difficult to guarantee the video service quality of the online streaming media platform. This paper mainly introduces the current situation of streaming media platform, analyzes the network performance and the existing problems, and then puts forward the corresponding(More)
Currently, the broadband network new media has become an important transmission mode for video, audio and data media, holding the growing influence, meanwhile, the pirate and pornographic contents can also be easily issued, doing great harm to society, so adoption of novel and effective technical measures is in an urgent need for the spreading service(More)
With the rapid development of big data technology, the application of online micro video has been improved greatly. This paper provides a method of analyzing the sentiment of the review text for online micro video. By crawling, processing and analyzing of review text based on more than 20 domestic Internet video platforms, finally we get the sentimental(More)