Sanu Subramanian

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We initiate the algorithmic study of an important but NP-hard problem that arises commonly in network design. The input consists of (1) An undirected graph with one sink node and multiple source nodes, a speciied length for each edge, and a speciied demand, dem v , for each source node v. (2) A small set of cable types, where each cable type is speciied by(More)
In recent years, string solvers have become an essential component in many formal-verification, security-analysis and bug-finding tools. Such solvers typically support a theory of string equations, the length function as well as the regular-expression membership predicate. These enable considerable expressive power, which comes at the cost of slow solving(More)
In this paper we present a solver for a many-sorted first-order quantifier-free theory T w,bv of string equations, string length represented as bit-vectors, and bit-vector arithmetic aimed at formal verification, automated testing, and security analysis of C/C++ applications. Our key motivation for building such a solver is the observation that existing(More)
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