Santosh Subedi

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Nitrogen (N) fertilization and soil redox potential influence N cycling processes in forested ecosystems. Gross N transformations are indicators of NH4 + and NO3 − production and consumption within soil. Furthermore, dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium (DNRA), a typically overlooked process in terrestrial N cycling, can conserve N within soil by(More)
The paper presents a compact planar UWB antenna for multiband wireless applications. The antenna is made by cutting beveling slots at the edges of a patch and then inserting a circular slot at the center of the patch. The overall dimension of the antenna is 25&#x00D7;35&#x00D7;1.6 mm<sup>3</sup>. It is built on an FR4 substrate with a relative permittivity(More)
There has been an upward trend in the requirement of indoor positioning systems using bluetooth low energy (BLE), Wi-Fi, and visible light communication. In order to realize the indoor positioning with these communication systems, techniques such as fingerprinting, trilateration, and triangulation have been widely studied. Even though fingerprinting has(More)
Soil fertility is an important component of forest ecosystems, yet evaluating soil fertility remains one of the least understood aspects of forest science. We hypothesized that the fertility rating (FR) used in the model 3-PG could be predicted from site index (SI) for loblolly pine in the southeastern US and then developed a method to predict FR from SI to(More)
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