Santosh Shrivastava

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Monitoring of contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between providers of services over the Internet and consumers is concerned with the collection of statistical metrics about the performance of a service to evaluate whether a provider complies with the level of Quality of the Service (QoS) that the consumer expects. Such monitoring is frequently(More)
In this paper we discuss some of the problems of the current Web and show how the introduction of object-orientation provides flexible and extensible solutions. Web resources become encapsulated as objects, with well-defined interfaces through which all interactions occur. The interfaces and their implementations can be inherited by builders of objects, and(More)
The paper considers a third party contract monitoring service called Contract Compliance Checker (CCC). The CCC is provided with an executable specification of the contract in force, and is capable of observing and logging the relevant business-to-business (B2B) interaction events, in order to determine whether the actions of the business partners are(More)
This report describes how trust and security issues can be addressed in composite services (CS). ADAPT deliverable report D9 (CS Middleware Architecture) gave the overall architecture of CSs within the context of virtual organisations [1]. Composition and enactment of CSs was described in ADAPT deliverable reports D6 (Service Specification Language) and D7(More)