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BACKGROUND In Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the majority of the condylar fractures are treated by closed reduction with generally satisfactory long term results. But in such cases of closed reduction, patient will be uncomfortable owing to long term application of inter maxillary fixation (IMF). Where as, Disadvantages of extra oral open reduction and(More)
PURPOSE The oral approach for incision and drainage (I and D) in patients presenting with submasseteric space (SMS) abscesses and marked trismus is more difficult and requires a general anesthetic, necessitating an anesthetist experienced in fiberoptic-guided nasal intubation. In such patients, ultrasound-guided drainage (USGD) has been attempted to obviate(More)
The need to cover the exposed periostium has meant that a number of materials including mucosal and skin grafts are regarded as suitable for grafting in oral and maxillofacial surgery. To circumvent the disadvantages of other materials such as skin, biological membranes have been suggested as options, including fetal membrane. The objective of the present(More)
A 40-years-old male patient reported to our department with a chief complaint of persistent palatal fluid discharge and large depressed forehead defect. He gave a history of trauma 20 months back due to head on collision to electric pole and underwent surgery twice for open reduction and fixation of facial skeletal fractures. After 9 months of surgery again(More)
Schwannomas are well characterized uncommon neural neoplasms which may rarely present with variation in clinical manifestation. Oral Schwannomas clinically simulate other lesions like traumatic fibroma, pyogenic granuloma, mucocele and salivary gland lesions. The diagnosis of schwannoma is typically made at the time of surgery following biopsy and surgical(More)
INTRODUCTION A number of materials are used as grafts in vestibuloplasty like mucosal and skin grafts with several advantages and disadvantages. To circumvent the disadvantages of these grafts, biological membranes such as amnion membranes are often recommended. MATERIALS AND METHODS The objective of this study was to clinically assess the vestibular(More)
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