Santosh Raju

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Product Attribute Extraction is the task of automatically discovering attributes of products from text descriptions. In this paper, we propose a new approach which is both unsupervised and domain independent to extract the attributes. With our approach, we are able to achieve 92% precision and 62% recall in our experiments. Our experiments with varying(More)
While users often revisit pages on the Web, tool support for such re-visitation is still lacking. Current tools (such as browser histories) only provide users with basic information such as the date of the last visit and title of the page visited. In this paper, we describe a system that provides users with descriptive topic-phrases that aid re-finding.(More)
Energy is the most important parameter of sensor nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network. Energy Efficiency is one of the challenging issues. One of the solutions is data aggregation which will in turn reduce the traffic on the network. Data aggregation can be done through Clustering Scheme and this scheme will extend the lifetime of a sensor node through(More)
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