Santosh Pathak

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A high strength chemical industry wastewater was assessed for its impact on anaerobic microbial community dynamics and consequently mesophilic methane generation. Cumulative methane production was 251 mL/g total chemical oxygen demand removed at standard temperature and pressure at the end of 30 days experimental period with a highest recorded methane(More)
Extracellular biopolymer produced from Klebsiella terrigena was found to have excellent flocculating ability over a wide range of colloid particles (0.5 to 25micro). The biopolymer was thermostable, with an optimum temperature for flocculation of 30 degrees C. Analysis with Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometry (FT-IR) shows that the biopolymer(More)
In this paper, a linear state space model for the two-phase anaerobic reactor system was developed based on historical data. Subsequently, the model was used to predict its future behavior. The state space model developed involved correlation analysis and model development. The model would be updated at every time point when a new data set became available,(More)
This study evaluated the potential of an extracellular, novel biopolymeric flocculant produced by a strain of Klebsiella terrigena for removal of Salmonella, a potent pathogen prevalent in poultry wastewater. The purified biopolymer was applied to poultry wastewater containing 3 log CFU cells of Salmonella. An optimized dosage of 2 mg L(-1) of the purified(More)
This study investigates alkali-solubilized dissolved organic matter (DOM) and its fate in the anaerobic treatment process. DOM was fractionated into high molecular weight (HMW) protein-like substances (PL), HMW saccharide-like substances (SL), low molecular weight (LMW) PL, LMW SL, and humic acid-like substances (HAL). The results indicate(More)
In this study, low-energy ultrasonic (3 and 6 kJ/g volatile solids of feed biomass (FB) which was lower than the heat value of the FB), alkaline, and ultrasonic-alkaline pretreatments were applied on FB, a biosludge from secondary industrial wastewater treatment. Biochemical methane potential (BMP), particle size distribution, Biomass Stress Index (BSI™),(More)
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