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Late-onset paraplegia is best avoided by correcting severe kyphosis in the active, healing, or healed stages of spinal tuberculosis. We report 16 patients with dorsal or dorsolumbar spinal TB--nine with paraplegia, seven without paraplegia--who underwent kyphus correction. Nine patients had active, five partially treated, and two healed disease. The(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of osteoarticular tuberculosis is clinico-radiological in endemic areas. However every patient does not have the classical picture. Osteoarticular tuberculosis is a paucibacillary disease hence bacteriological diagnosis is possible in 10-30% of the cases. The present study is undertaken to correlate clinico-radiological,(More)
This paper examines the suitability of multi-core processors over single core in automotive safety critical applications. As vehicles become more and more complex with an embedded network interconnection of ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) and integrate more and more features, safety standardization is becoming increasingly important among the automakers and(More)
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