Santosh Kumar Gupta

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Most of the chemical reaction engineering optimization problems encounters more than one objective functions. A considerable amount of research has been reported on the multiobjective optimization of various chemical reactors using various non-dominated sorting genetic algorithms. This is reviewed in this paper. The introduction of the topic is given at the(More)
Multiobjective optimization involves the simultaneous optimization of more than one objective function. This is quite commonly encountered in Chemical Engineering. A considerable amount of research has been reported in this area over the last twenty years. These are reviewed in the present paper. The general background of this area is presented at the(More)
PURPOSE Mutations in the CYP1B1, MYOC, OPTN, and WDR36 genes result in glaucoma. Given its expression in the optic nerve, it is likely a mutation in the OPTC gene is also involved in initiating glaucoma. This study was designed to evaluate the involvement of the CYP1B1, MYOC, OPTN, and OPTC genes in the etiology of adult-onset primary open-angle glaucoma(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Hyperhomocysteinaemia (HCA) either due to mutation of MTHFR gene or deficiency of vitamin B 12 and folic acid, has been reported as a risk factor for coronary artery disease (CAD). The present study was aimed to determine plasma homocysteine (Hcy) levels and to evaluate MTHFR C677T gene polymorphism as risk factors for CAD, and to(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The prerequisite of radioimmunotherapy is stable binding of a radionuclide to monoclonal antibodies, which are specific to the tumour-associated antigen. Most B-cell lymphomas express CD20 antigen on the surface of the tumour cells, making it a suitable target for therapeutic radioactive monoclonal antibodies. In the present study,(More)
FOREWORD This project developed a prototype integrated system that combines machine vision-based drowsy driver monitoring technology and analysis of operator/vehicle performance parameters to reliably assess driver drowsiness. The purpose of this system will be to reliably quantify commercial motor vehicle driver drowsiness and provide a real-time warning(More)
Hollow fiber membrane separation modules are used extensively in industry for a variety of separation processes. In most cases, conflicting requirements and constraints govern the optimal choice of decision (or design) variables. In fact, these optimization problems may involve several objectives, some of which must be maximized, while the others minimized(More)