Santosh Kumar Gupta

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PURPOSE Mutations in the CYP1B1, MYOC, OPTN, and WDR36 genes result in glaucoma. Given its expression in the optic nerve, it is likely a mutation in the OPTC gene is also involved in initiating glaucoma. This study was designed to evaluate the involvement of the CYP1B1, MYOC, OPTN, and OPTC genes in the etiology of adult-onset primary open-angle glaucoma(More)
In this paper, we have proposed Lightly-Doped Ultra-Thin Triple Metal Double Gate (TM-DG) MOSFET with High-K Dielectric in the gate oxide to reduce the Short Channel Effects (SCEs). The above device has been optimized with TCAD simulations and it has been found that the TMDG MOSFETs offers better transconductance, subthreshold swing, ON and OFF state(More)
Double-Gate MOSFET (DGFET) is one of the promising technologies for sub-50 nm transistor design. To accommodate future technology nodes, transistor dimensions have to be reduced which leads to several disadvantages in transistor function. By using double-gate transistors many of these problems can be resolved to give efficient circuit performance. As we go(More)
A triple metal double gate (TM-DG) MOSFET with high-k dielectrics has been proposed to overcome the short channel effects. We are using top and bottom metal gates with different work functions to screen the effect of drain (DIBL effect). It has been found that this is effective in reducing the short channel effects. The metal gates have been used to remove(More)
Internet routers play an important role during congestion. Most of the Internet routers have buffers at input and output ports, which hold the packets in the time of congestion. An active and efficient management of buffers is critical to minimize the congestion. However, queue management becomes very complex because of dynamics of input packets. We direct(More)
This paper presents a fully integrated 2.4/5.2 GHz dual-band low-noise amplifier (LNA) for WLAN applications. By switching the input transconductance and the output inductance, the narrow-band gain and impedance matching are achieved at the 2.4GHz and the 5.2GHz frequency bands. Using a standard 90nm CMOS process, a compact dual-band LNA is realized in the(More)
This paper mainly analyzes the effect of frequency offset on the performance of OFDM communications systems. The most important requirement in an OFDM is frequency and time synchronization as this form the reason for orthogonality between the subcarriers. However a major problem in OFDM is its vulnerability to frequency offset errors between the transmitted(More)
Component-Based System (CBS) is a promised approach to build applications from deployed components. It provides efficiency, reliability, maintainability. Interpreting the results of performance analysis and generating an alternative design to build system from component (Hardware/Software) is a great challenge in the software performance domain. There are(More)
Dual Metal Gate (DMG) technology was proposed to reduce the short channel effects (SCE’s) of double gate MOSFETs. But, DMG alone is not enough to rectify the problem of gate tunneling current due to thinning of oxide layer with device downscaling. So, the use of high-k dielectric as gate oxide is considered to overcome the gate tunneling effect. But, high(More)
In this paper a comprehensive study of Junctionless Single Metal cylindrical surround gate (JLSM CSG) metal-oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) characteristics have been presented and compared with a conventional CSG MOSFET of identical dimensions. The variations of different analog and radio frequency performance parameters have been(More)