Santosh Khamitkar

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This study propose to extend performance analysis of mainly Brute force and Heuristics algorithms on tree search problems. The most important goal is to look for optimization by punching holes in existing theory. The outcome will give a new dimension to traditional values like formulation of intelligent and speculative searches with improvement in time and(More)
The objective of this paper is to review the folklore knowledge seen in research work devoted on synthesis, optimization, and effectiveness of various sorting algorithms. We will examine sorting algorithms in the folklore lines and try to discover the tradeoffs between folklore and theorems. Finally, the folklore knowledge on complexity values of the(More)
Information granules allow us to abstract real world objects using their relevant attributes. Level of abstraction allows us to create a network of information granules that are connected to each other through a real-world relationship. For example, the phone calls are connected to the origin and destination phone numbers. This paper describes the(More)
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