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Lean blowoff of bluff body stabilized flames: Scaling and dynamics
Abstract This paper overviews the dynamics of bluff body stabilized flames and describes the phenomenology of the blowoff process. The first section of the paper provides an overview of the fluidExpand
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Flame-sheet dynamics of bluff-body stabilized flames during longitudinal acoustic forcing
Bluff-body stabilized flames are susceptible to combustion instabilities due to interactions between acoustics, vortical disturbances, and the flame. In order to elucidate these flow-flameExpand
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Thermo-acoustic instabilities in lean premixed swirl-stabilized combustion and their link to acoustically coupled and decoupled flame macrostructures
Abstract We investigate the onset of thermo-acoustic instabilities and their link to the mean flame configurations – or macrostructures – under acoustically coupled and decoupled conditions.Expand
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Turbulent flame stabilization modes in premixed swirl combustion: Physical mechanism and Karlovitz number-based criterion
Abstract Modern low-emission, lean premixed gas turbine combustion systems often rely on confined swirling flows associated with sudden expansions to enhance flame anchoring. Through theExpand
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Studies on the Vorticity Field of Harmonically Excited Bluff Body Flames
This paper describes an experimental study of the effect of acoustic excitation on bluff- body stabilized flames. The Kelvin-Helmholtz (KH) instability of the shear layer is excited due to theExpand
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Dynamics of Premixed H2/CH4 Flames Under Near-Blowoff Conditions
Swirling flows are widely used in industrial burners and gas turbine combustors for flame stabilization. Several prior studies have shown that these flames exhibit complex dynamics under near-blowoffExpand
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Water-Energy Nexus in Saudi Arabia
Abstract Water and energy systems have often been treated as separate “silo” systems over the entire pathway from production to consumption. However, their close interdependence requires someExpand
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On the phase between pressure and heat release fluctuations for propane/hydrogen flames and its role in mode transitions
Abstract This paper presents an experimental investigation into mode-transitions observed in a 50-kW, atmospheric pressure, backward-facing step combustor burning lean premixed C 3 H 8 /H 2 fuelExpand
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