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Seismic modeling and reverse time migration on a high performance computing System
Seismic modeling and reverse time migration based upon the solution of two-way acoustic wave equation are two important applications in the oil & gas industry. Despite showing promising imagingExpand
Reverse time migration of marine models with elastic wave equation and amplitude preservation
Summary Reverse time migration has become a standard technique for imaging in complex geological areas. It is based upon the solution of two-way acoustic wave equation and therefore for an elasticExpand
Delineation of channels using unsupervised segmentation of texture attributes
Seismic facies identification and analysis with regards to geological environment is one of the important tasks in geological and geophysical studies. Pattern identification through seismicExpand
Seismic characterization of Fracture network and Brittle zones for Fracability prediction
In the recent times, more and more unconventional reservoirs are being explored and exploited along with the conventional one to sustain world’s energy demand. Most common unconventional resourcesExpand
Pre-stack seismic data conditioning – Key to AVO Inversion
Proper reservoir characterization requires information of rock properties, lithology and fluid and pre-stack seismic inversion provides these information. However, often quality of the availableExpand
BlindDeconvolutionofSeismicSignalsinTimeand Frequency Domain:aStudyon2004SumatraEarthquake
Blind deconvolution of Green’s Function (GF) as well as the Source Time Function (STF) is a fundamental problem in seismic signal processing. This paper presents a comparative study of two blindExpand
Storage and performance issues in reverse time migration
In this paper we propose the use of local disk space available on each node to write the forward wavefield and compare it with the other two methods. Expand